Drone License

AERIAL VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHYCAA (PFCO) Permissions for Commercial Operation

We are fully licensed and Insured to fly in UK airspace. We comply to UK aviation Law with regards to Drone Flights.

TV Industry Approved

We are on the Approved Drone Pilot list of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 Television
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  • CAA License
  • Public Liability Cover

This is a copy of our 2018-2019 License, we will send you the full un-edited copy when we organise your booking.

Sub 7kg Aerial Work Long Term Exemption

We carry £3 million Worldwide Public Liability Cover.


Our Mission

We believe building a relationship is more important than securing a contract with false promises.

We are a company who takes the long term view, no matter how small the job. We understand by providing great aerial images this will enhance your business and make you stand out from your competitors. In return we hope we can grow together to become a natural fit within your team and constantly strive for successful.


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