Price Packages

Our prices are competitive and reflect the quality of Video and Photography we offer.
Look below for a step by step guide to booking a flight
Estate Agent Package
1 x Photos per Property
  • Price plus VAT = £198
  • Only applies to properties within a 10 mile radius of Stourbridge. Call for properties further out.
  • 1 x 22MP High Quality Jpeg Images of the Property.
  • Extra Photos £25 each.
  • Mileage at 65p per mile.
Drone Shoot
4 Battery Deal – 1.5 hrs Fly Time
  • Price plus VAT = £834
  • 4 x Battery will produce approximately 1.5 hrs flying time
  • Data Transfer at the end of the shoot
  • Includes Vehicle
  • Shoot within an 8 hr Day (including travel) – Overtime at £60 per hour
  • Expenses – £6 for Breakfast/Lunch, £18 Eve meal
  • Mileage at 75p per mile
Edit Package
Video Edit – 8 hr Day. Edit your final Drone Video to Professional standard.
  • Price plus VAT = £540
  • Also available as a half day rate of £250 for 4 hours
  • Selection of Royalty free music
  • Logo implementation
  • Various file format delivery
  • Up to 2 sets of edit changes. Further changes charged as an hourly fee of £45 per hour (plus VAT)

All prices plus VAT at 20%

How to Book a Flight

Step by step guide to booking a Drone shoot


Start Here

Step 1 – Call or Email us with your requirements

Mob 07831 490 444 – Email – Here

Step 2 – Location Details

Let us know the location details of where you would like us to fly. This is to make sure it’s legal to fly in that airspace.

You can check here via the DJI Flysafe map button below beforehand. You will also need to have permission from the land owner from were we take off.

Remember you can fly over land which is not owned by the person/company who has given permission. Airspace isn’t owned by anyone, so as long as I’m 50 m away from people or buildings we are good to go.

If in doubt, probably best to give us a call to clarify this.

Step 3 – What and how would you like us to shoot?

Once we have established what you would like us to shoot, we can discuss how you like us to shoot it. Don’t worry if you are unsure, we are more than happy to give you some pointers and make sure you will be satisfied with the results.

Step 4- When you would like to fly

We will then discuss the date you would like to fly and set a date and time in the diary.

Please remember the weather might be an influencing factor. We generally decided 24hr before the flight whether we go. Please note, once we confirm and weather on the day  should take a turn for the worse, I’m afraid we will have to charge you a full day regardless. I might add this is pretty rare, as there usually always a window in the day which is clear.

Step 5 – Flight Documents

We will then produce all the Flight Documents needed for your records and email them to you. In return you will need to send us evidence of the land owners permission for us to use their land to take off. Again please call if this is an issue, as generally there are always ways to make it work.

Step 6 – Day of the Shoot

We will either meet you on location or follow your instructions and continue to do the shoot.

Step 7 – Data hand over

Once we have gathered all the aerial footage required we can either do an onsite transfer via your laptop or post the files via a USB stick. Job done!

If you want us to edit the footage to produce your own video, we will keep hold of the files and hand them all over along with the final edited video at the end.

Step 8 – Payment Terms

If you are a new customer and we haven’t worked with you before, please be prepared for us to ask for half the payment upfront.


Our Mission

We believe building a relationship is more important than securing a contract with false promises.

We are a company who takes the long term view, no matter how small the job. We understand by providing great aerial images this will enhance your business and make you stand out from your competitors. In return we hope we can grow together to become a natural fit within your team and constantly strive for successful.


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