Frequently Asked Questions

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What Drone do you use?

We use the industry leading DJI Inspire 2 coupled with the X5S micro 4/3rds camera. You can find more details here.

Where can you fly?

All over the UK..well more or less!

The general rule of thumb is this. Think of a 100 metre diameter ( or 50 m radius) bubble with the drone in the middle. What ever the bubble touches, which is either a property, vehicle or dwelling and you don’t have control or permission from the owners, is generally not allowed.

Although remember UK airspace isn’t owned by anyone, so if I have permission from one house owner to take off from their garden but the owner next door hasn’t given me permission, I can still fly over their garden as long as I’m 50m away from their property. Similar to jets, light aircraft and helicopters they don’t need to get permission from every house they fly over, the same applies to Drone Operators.

Here’s a link to the DJI Flysafe map, which will give you an idea of the restricted areas, such as airports, MOD sites and football grounds.

Will 1.5 hrs ‘Fly Time’ be enough?

Generally yes. Most videos, which have an element of Drone footage within them only use a few seconds, unless the whole video is comprised of Drone images, such as for Property and Land development videos. But even then the majority of videos are around 2 to 3 minutes long, so if you have 1.5 hrs of footage, you should have plenty spare.

Each set of batteries gives you about 22 mins of flight, depending on how cold or warm the day.

The key is ‘Planning’, if you have an idea of exactly what you want, this will go a long way to making the shoot go efficiently and making the most of the time in the air.

Can we supply you with the Data card to record from the Drone?

Unfortunately you can’t. The DJI Inspire 2 is very picky and prefers a certain type and manufacturer of MicroSD cards. It’s a lot simpler and less stressful if I use my cards and transfer the data at the end. There’s nothing worse than getting a file error while recording.

Where in the UK can you work?

All over! We are licensed to cover the whole of the UK. We can come up with an ‘all-in’ package which will hopefully suit your budget. Have a look at the Drone Safe Map button below which highlights the areas you can’t fly.

Feel free to call and we can put some figures together.

Am I licensed?

Yes. I carry a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Permissions for Commercial Operations License (PFCO). I also come with £3 million Public Liability Cover. If you go to the Tips & Laws page a copy of both are available.

Click on the button below for more details.

Can I fly at night?

Yes! I have CAA approval to undertake night flights. I will need to actually ‘Reccie’ the location during day light to ensure there aren’t any nasty things to fly into when its dark, so please factor that into your booking.

Can you produce Corporate videos as well ?

Yes! We can produce complete ‘End to End’ videos. So if you need a short video for your website or conference, we can produce very high quality video at a fraction of the price of most Production companies.

See this page for more details.

Why does it cost so much?

Here are a few of the reasons for the cost.

  • Gaining and renewing the yearly CAA license. It cost around £170 per year to renew and maintain the license and £1200 to gain it in the first place.
  • Public Liability and Equipment Insurance cost around £1000 per year.
  • The equipment. The DJI Inspire 2 and X5S Drone with all the extras costs around £6K and has a life span of about 2 years!
  • My experience. With over 20 years of working in the TV industry and 4 years flying Drones, I like to think I supply a lot of added value.

The key for me though is although a lot of Drone Op’s can fly a Drone through the eye of a needle at 25 mph,  which undoubtedly requires a lot of skill. The bit often overlooked is the ability to compose a shot or how to shoot a sequence of shots which will actually cut together in the edit.

Aerial video which shows twitches with sudden course changes or bad composition tend to look amateurish which ultimately reflects badly on you and your company.  Shots need to be smooth and considered, which make you gasp when you see them, and not say ‘I could have done that’!

Can I have a go?

Yes you can….okay only joking!  Although you can operate the Camera!

I have two remote controllers, one for me to fly the drone and the other to independently operate the camera. Once we have finished filming and have some battery left,  you can have a go at controlling the camera while I fly the drone. Its great fun and hopefully give you an idea of what its like shooting from a Drone


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